Friday, October 07, 2011

Mama i Love You

Yesterday my mom call me , we talk a lot about my child and i know that my mom is my best friend maybe only she can understand what i feel.

This note i found when i'm looking for a spice girl song mama

" 3 years: "I love you, mommy"

10 years: "Well, whatever"

16 years: Mom, u so annoying

18 years: "I want to leave this house!"

25 years: "Mom, mom was right"

30 years: "I want to go back home with u mom '

50 years? old: "Mommy, dont leave me"

70 years: "Now I will give up all i have to be with her " ...

You only have one mother only."

Mama I love U Now i'm 27 years and you was right mom and sometime i want back home with u mommy ... but' im a mommy now and my child say I love u mom ..."
Love u mama  always ....


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